We almost had to cancel our 968 Celebration in Albuquerque since both of our co-hosts (Bob Blackwell and Chris Lennon) were unable to coordinate due to personal and business reasons. Fortunately, Dan Dennison has agreed to take over the role of local host and is working closely with Doug Brosveen, Escape Coordinator, to ensure that we have another successful 968 Celebration! You can access the PCA Escape website at http://escape.pca.org Our plan is to have a concurrent 968 Celebration during the Escape event which means that your optimum enjoyment will occur if you sign up for Escape and check off the 968 Celebration buffet dinner on Friday night (we will be giving out 968 Celebration awards after our buffet dinner Friday night at the hotel).The website has lots of info about the various Escape tours and activities planned. This will be our first time that we have had our 968 Celebration concurrently wit h a PCA National Event and I look forward to everyone having a great time. Our current plan is for Dan and I to greet all the 968 Register members at the hotel on Thursday, September 18 starting around 2pm when they register. There will be a separate parking area where we will hold our 968 Celebration wash-n-shine later that day and distribute Tech Quizzes (more details will be provided as we get closer).I strongly recommend that you sign up for Escape, once the Registration is offered. Please put “968 Celebration” in parenthesis behind your name so that we know you are a 968 Register member. My wife Elke, and I, look forward to having the first 968 Celebration in Albuquerque. This location should provide incentive for our Midwest and West Coast 968 Register members to participate in a 968 Celebration and meet many 968 Register members that they may only know from the Internet or via past Celebrations. Look forward to seeing all of you at one or the other of these 968 events!

Don Hassenbein
PCA 968 Register Advocate