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 E-Newsletter – March 2023 

Hello 968ers. I hope the day finds you well. Lots has happened to me in recent months. First off, after 38 years of being employed by the same bank my bank was bought out and I was not offered a position with the new organization. I got a nice severance […]

 E-Newsletter – January 2022 

Happy 2022. I hope you are well and ready for an exciting year of activities with your 968. With much progress on the Matador project completed I hope 2022 sees it getting registered but I have to get by an inspection at the Connecticut DMV first so wish me luck […]

E-Newsletter – January 2021

The Matador rounds the corner… Happy New Year. I hope 2021 finds you and your family well and looking forward to the promise of a much better year. Although 2020 “sucked” in so many respects for me it did turn out to be a great year 968-wise and the reason […]

E-Newsletter – July 2020

Changes…. I have often been asked about production changes made to the 968 over its 4 year run so I decided it was time to put a new page up on the site to highlight these changes but first I had to gather the info. I put together my list […]