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jeffbio My name is Jeff Coe and I’m the current advocate having taken the over the position in July of 2008 from Don Hassenbein. I have been a PCA member since December of 1993 and a long time 968 enthusiast. My 968 fanaticism dates back to my early visits to the dealer as a 944 turbo owner and drooling over the new 968. I wanted one badly but there was no way I could make it work with a new family and a mortgage. Luckily, the used 968s depreciated quickly and in December of 1996 I took ownership of an Amazon Green 968 cabriolet. I had a fantastic ownership experience with the car, attending many events and enjoying it, and I thought I would own the car forever. That was until September of 2007 when I had the opportunity to purchase one of the most unusual 968s in the US. The car was a former PCNA promo car (the 9th one built for the US market), loaded with options, and purported to be the only NA 968 cab painted in the very unusual mint green paint color. I jumped on it and my old 968 now resides in New Jersey. More recently, in 2013, I purchased a companion for Minty – a Speed Yellow 968 coupe.




I’ve been a Porsche fan since taking a drive in a friend’s father’s 911 in high school…but it wasn’t until 2010 that my dream of owning a Porsche became a reality. I’d always liked the looks of the 968 since I first laid eyes on it, but the 993 still had most of my attention. When the time came to buy, 993 prices had already started heading up (mid-20’s still afforded a ~70k mile C2)…but the 968 was still affordable. I scoured the internet for months, made lots of phone calls and checked out a few cars in person…most were too high mileage or needed a lot of work – until the day a one-family (a father who sold it to his son-in-law) Slate Grey 968 with M030/220 showed up on Pelican Parts forums.  It was an hour and a half away, and I was sold on it after a drive around the block on a rainy day with cheap tires. I had a PPO done at a local shop, had a few things fixed by them and was on my way to Porsche ownership. Fast forward to July 29, 2012 – my first day of autocross…my desire for a 993 faded after a few runs in the 968. I’ve been doing as many PCA autocross events with Northeast and North Country region as I can each year since, and am looking forward to getting the car on the track for some HPDE’s in the (hopefully soon) future! adambio