M030 “Sport Chassis”


The 968 was a true sports car when delivered in any form but there was only one option that took the North American 968 to another level of performance and that was the M030 sport chassis suspension upgrade. Available only on the coupe, the M030 equipped 968 provided the driver with incredible handling characteristics that showed it was ready for any racetrack. Unfortunately, those same characteristics were with the vehicle during non-track time and provided the same driver with a punishing ride. The M030 option cost $2,017 and included the following upgraded components over the standard equipped 968:

Photo (click to see larger image)  Category Description
Suspension Koni dampening- and height-adjustable front struts and 160lb springs
Suspension 30mm hollow front swaybar (replaces 26.8mm solid bar)
Suspension Koni dampening-adjustable rear shocks with 160lb springs (note: the rear of the car is height-adjustable by the eccentric setup)
Suspension 19mm 3-setting adjustable rear sway bar (replaces 16mm bar)
Wheels 17” wheels (the same wheels that were optional on all 968s for each corresponding model year)
Brakes Front steering spindles and hubs
Brakes Front 4-piston calipers (44mm & 36mm pistons) found on the 928 S4, 944 Turbo S, and M030-equipped 944 S2
Brakes 304mm x 32mm Cross drilled rotors, front and rear, with special pads (note: the cross-drill holes are in the casts, making them much less susceptible to cracking than aftermarket cross-drilled rotors)


There were a total of 99 North American 968 coupes produced with the M030 Sport Chassis option. The breakout of these cars by exterior color is listed in the chart at the bottom of the page.

There are a few interesting points of interest surrounding NA 968s produced with the M030 package that I will mention below: 

  • Of the 99 M030 968 coupes produced, one of the cars was a tiptronic!!! The thought of a suspension package that was heavily oriented towards performance outfitted on a tiptronic coupe where the performance was so heavily penalized by the transmission is a true example of dichotomy in a sports car. The sole M030 tiptronic 968 (SS820272) was a 1995 and was black in color with a marble gray/black interior.
  • As you’ll note from the list of upgraded equipment above the option 220 limited slip differential was NOT included as part of the package. LSD was still a separate option. Because of this, 22 of the 98  six-speed 968 M030 coupes that were produced were NOT outfitted with 220 LSD (22%)! 
  • Period articles written at the time the 968 was being sold new indicate the M030 package was available for the first time in 1993, however, North American M030 coupe #1 was actually a 1992. The first car (NS820595) was white in color with a black interior and was outfitted with the Canadian package, so it was likely sold new in Canada. It was the sole 1992 M030 NA 968 produced. 
  • 17” wheels were part of the M030 package. For model years 1992 and 1993 the M030 package would include the option code 403 – 17” Cup1 style wheels. For model year 1995 the standard M030 17” wheel would be the option code 398 – 17” Cup2 style wheel. For 1994, we get back to a mix because of option code 718 (see HERE on the site for more information on option code 718). The first 8 1994 M030 coupes (718 cars) got the Cup1s, while the remainder of the 94s got the Cup2s.
  • 10 of the 99 NA M030 coupes were produced with the Canadian package and most likely, were sold new in Canada.
  • I am often asked about the sport seat option in conjunction with the M030 sport chassis option. 41 of the 99 NA M030 968 coupes were produced with the sport seat option as well. 

North American M030 968 Exterior by popularity chart

Exterior Paint Color Sales Code Paint Code Production #
by popularity
Black A1 L700 / L741 24
Guards Red G1 L80K 21
Grand Prix White P5 L908 15
Midnight Blue Metallic F8 L37W / L39C 9
Polar Silver Metallic A8 L92M 8
Amazon Green Metallic N7 L39A 5
Speed Yellow X4 L12G 5
Aventurine Metallic K6 L39R / L39S 2
Wimbledon Green Metallic B5 L23I 2
Black Metallic Z8 L738 / L746 2
Amethyst Metallic F9 L38A 2
Iris Blue Metallic D3 L39N / L39U 1
Slate Grey Metallic Q9 L22D 1
Horizon Blue Metallic F4 L37X 1
Color To Sample – Metallic 99 n/a 1
Total Produced 99