ROW (Rest of World) 968s

During its four years of production the 968 made its presence known outside of North America with models sold in many additional markets. As with any global market product, some specific modifications were required to sell a 968 in another country. Below is a list of just some of the differences found on 968s delivered to new owners outside of the North American market:

Photo Country (except NA) Description
All Side marker lens on front fenders
All Omission of front and rear bumperettes
All except UK (including Canada) Speedometer in Kilometers
All (including Canada) Rear seats are found on a cabriolet in place of the double glove box unit
All Headlight height adjuster on console
Australia Airbags not standard on 1992 cars
UK, Australian, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia Right-Hand-Drive models
All Small information badges can be found riveted to the passenger side wheel well inside the engine compartment.
*Note: North American 968s have the 2 rivet holes but there is no badge
Japan Clear reverse light segments found in the tail light assembly
France Yellow fog light lens covers on 1992-1993 models
All Omission of 3rd brake light (mounted at top of hatch glass for NA models)
All Rear fog lights with switch on dash