PCNA Brochures & Publications

The 968 “Library” lists the majority of articles/items that relate to the 968 vehicle. Not all brochures are shown due time constraints. It takes an enormous amount of time to scan, manipulate, edit, resize, and post to the web. We will make progress as time permits. We have years worth of information to post and appreciate your patience. Check the 968 Library listing for brochures or items that you are interested in and then contact us for more info. If you have a brochure or item not shown on our list, please let us know and we will add it.


PCNA Brochures:

Cover Description
968 92 brchre cover 968 92 brchre pg 1

968 Dealer Brochure, 1992 (32 pages)

“The 968 combines what we at Porsche believe to be both valuable and desirable in today’s modern automotive technology.”  [page 1]

“We believe the Porsche 968 redefines what a sports car should be.”  [page 1]

F.A. Porsche

968 92 warranty pg 1

Warranty Coverages and Porsche Assist Program & Consumer Information, 1992 (2-sided tri-fold)

“To help discourage would-be thieves, we will pay a $5,000.00 reward for information provided to the police by a private citizen which leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone stealing your Porsche automobile.”  [page 1]

968 92 press cover

968 Press Kit, January 1992 (14 pages)

“…hand-built aluminum powerplant with the highest torque 3 litre atmospheric engine in the world…” [page 1]

“…first 6-speed manual gearbox in a production Porsche…”  [page 2]

92 Models cover

Model Line, 1992 (16 pages)

“The new Porsche 968…seamlessly fits into the family of Porsche automobiles.”  [page 1]

“The Porsche 968:  Redefining the Modern Sports Car.”  [page 6]

92 options cover

Color Options, 1992 (8 pages)

“Porsche again offers an unparalleled breadth of colors and interiors.”  [page 1]

92 968 Tech Info pg1

968 Technical Information, 1992 (5 pages)Model Line Technical Info, 1992 (3 pages)

Porsche again offers an unparalleled breadth of colors and interiors.”  [page 1]

968 92 COA Cover 968 Certificate of Authenticity (example)

Porsche Tequipment Catalog (excerpt), 6 pages

(Note: only 968-relevant pages shown)

Porsche Exclusive Catalog

Porsche Exclusive Catalog (excerpt), 6 pages

(Note: only 968-relevant pages shown)

PCNA Publications (Christophorus Magazine):

Cover Article Description
Christo 1992 Apr pg1

April 1992 (7 pages)

100,000 km in 100 Days: Trip with Tip and Cat Gerhard Plattner’s new entry for the Guinness Book

“The stiffest test in the world.”

Christo 1992 June pg1

June 1992 (3 pages)

New in the Program: 968 CS Sports Special with Everyday Qualities

“Two-seater with pickup qualities.”

Christo 1993 Jan pg1

January 1993 (9 pages)

Driving report, 968 CS:  When less is more

“The 968 CS produces pure driving pleasure.”

Christo 1993 Feb pg1

February 1993 (2 pages)

968 Turbo S and RS:  Lightweights for road and race track

“…an uncompromising competition chassis setup.”

Christo 1993 Mar pg1

March 1993 (4 pages)

Yellow Treasure:  A Porsche sports car without compromises

“With the Turbo S we demonstrate the potential found in the 968 concept.”

Christo 2002 Aug pg1

August/September 2002 (4 pages)

The Four-Cylinder Lineage

“…the 968, the most highly refined member of the family.”