Mission Statement / Disclaimer

If you are a PCA member and a 968 owner then you’ll certainly want to become a member of the register. As our cars get older there will be a greater need for community on all fronts. We’ll all need help with keeping our cars going, locating parts, modifications, finding out about events, and most of all, learning about our cars. The more successful we are at this the more enjoyable our owner experience will be and our cars will actually retain more value. That’s where the register comes in.

The PCA 968 register is a resource for 968 owners to find information about their cars and the only place to find the “PCA connection”. This connection provides access to PCA resources and PCNA corporate for when we need them. You’ll find camaraderie with the register. We have a long history of 968 events including the annual celebrations. These events are hosted by members with PCA assistance and provide a great opportunity to meet other 968ers and see their great cars. We also provide you with the register website which offers a wealth of information surround our cars and our group. If you are into statistics, I’m the 968 register historian and I have been collecting data on the 968s for years. You can find much of this information on the website. PCNA doesn’t tell us too much about our cars any longer so a centralized group like the register that collects this type of information is the next best thing.

Your 968 register team is made up of myself, Jeff Coe, as advocate, and Adam Blauer as our web master. Adam owns a rare 1994 Slate Gray M030 coupe.

If you have any suggestions or comments on the register or any 968 questions please let me know. You can look for email-based newsletters from the Register in the future and be sure to visit the website for exciting new additions in the future. The register belongs to all of us so we want to work to make it a resource that provides you with plenty of value. Get out there and enjoy your 968!

Jeff, 968 Register Advocate

If you’d like to join the 968 Register but are not a PCA member, first join at www.pca.org

Then register with us after you receive a PCA membership card number.


Click here to see the message from the former PCA 968 Register Advocate, Don Hassenbein.