Special Interior Options

After all the complexities mentioned on previous pages are considered, you would think the 968 buyer would finally have their interior picked out? Well, not so fast. The early nineties saw Porsche ramping up the new Exclusive program which allowed the buyer to customize their 968 even further. There were two categories of interior options. What I currently know about each is listed below.

Exclusive Program

The bulk of the Exclusive program options were interior related. Exclusive program option codes start with an “X” and if the 968 in question is outfitted with at least one of them you’ll also find the Exclusive program code (09991) listed on the Vehicle Information Sticker. The Exclusive program interior options were divided into two groups, leather and wood. Although there was an option to get practically any interior part of your 968 wrapped or created in leather only a few selected cars had Exclusive interior options.  Some options were never selected for even a single North American 968 such as option code XP3, a full leather cabriolet boot at a cost of $2,591. Exclusive wood piece options are also extremely rare and were offered in two stain-color options, light and dark rootwood. Production details on Exclusive interior options actually used on North American 968s are listed below along with photos of some examples:

Image (click to see larger) Option Code Description Cost Coupes Cabriolets Total
XC8 XC8 Rootwood 6spd shifter knob – light $360 13 25 38
XC9 XC9 Rootwood 6spd shifter knob – dark $360 37 34 71
rootwood-auto-shifter X24 Rootwood Tip shifter knob – light $423 1 5 6
X25 X25 Rootwood Tip shifter knob – dark $423 4 5 9
058 XL3 Rootwood dash trailer – dark $1,743 0 2 2
  X31 Rootwood e-brake handle – light $535 1 1 2
X32 Rootwood e-brake handle – dark $535 1 2 3
  XJ5 Leather ignition/door key $156 2 2 4
LT with XK7 and 18010 XK7 Leather shift lever & knob boot $227 2 2 4
leather-trimmed-door-handle XM6 Leather door openers/recess plate $365 0 1 1
leather-trimmed-window-switch XN1 Leather power window switches (3) $190 0 1 1
Leather sunvisors XN8 Leather sunvisors $579 0 2 2
  XP6 Leather seat belt locks/housing $366 0 1 1
  XP9 Leather loud speaker covers $174 0 1 1
  XR6 Leather front backrest lock controls $473 0 1 1
  XW6 Leather LED rosettes on doors $141 0 1 1
  XX6 Leather shift lever knob $68 4 2 6

5 digit code interior Program

I don’t know what Porsche called this category of options but I do know they were limited to the interior and are also quite rare. So far I have collected information on just a few of these options and I do not have the production totals for them. The codes can be seen on the vehicle information sticker so they were factory installed. The most common of these rare options is the deviated carpet option. With this option you could have the standard carpet color replaced with a carpet of a different color (see photo example below). It appears that different codes were assigned based on the specific color of the selected option so the deviated carpet option for black received a different code then the deviated carpet for classic grey. The codes that I have seen are listed below. If you have any of these 5-digit option codes on your 968 please contact the register so we can grow the information database.

Image (click to see larger) Code Description Cost
  13821 Porsche crest in seat back?  
  13861 Piping – standard color (Black) $120
13871 seat piping standard colors 13871 Piping – standard color (Red) $120
  13941 Deviating carpet color (Classic Grey) $63/65/75
EPSON DSC picture 13951 Piping – standard color (Classic Grey) $120
  14111 Door panel stitching – Alternating standard colors $48
crest 14991 Porsche crest in seat back? $103
deviatedcarpetblack 15801 Deviating carpet color (Black) $65
16791 supple leather 16791 Supple leather $443
  16821 Porsche crest in seat back (Marble) $103
Midnight marble 16841 Deviating carpet color (Midnight Blue) $75
  16851 Seat stitching – Alternating standard colors $80
LT with XK7 and 18010 18101 Door panels in deviating color $51