2008 Porsche 968 Gathering @ Hershey

Hey Guys and Gals,
29 Register members and their guests attended our Private 968 Gathering Dinner at the Holiday Inn Friday night.25 968 Register members brought their 968 Coupes & Cabriolets and guests from; CT (Paul & Kim Anthony, Jeff & Greg Coe & Robert Earle); MD (Kathy Downs & John Stangle & Lori Pino); MI (Richard & Doreen McGuire); NJ (Raj Datta, Jim Groelinger & Steve Zarodnansky); NY (Ginger & Charlie Sagau; Bob & Robert Schmidt); NC (Ralph Moore & Kevin Heimbaugh); PA (Craig Adams, Dave Erdman, Lorna Frick, Don Hassenbein, Stew Hatchell, Don Hendrickson, Jay Kraviz & Frank & Pam Novak); VA (Ron Cannizzaro, Rick Kellogg, Bill & Mark McCullough, Darryl & Christine Nichols & Gary Schepker). 18 cars were in our 968 Caravan Saturday morning and the other 7 cars met us at the Swap Meet.- 4 968 Register members attended but did not bring their cars; CA (Bob Larson), PA (Pete Fitzpatrick, Andy & Debbie Nuttall)3 Guests from our sister club Porsche Club 968 Deutschland (www.porsche-club-968-deutschland.de) attended w/o their 968s (Hajo Glahe, Bernhard Gryschek & Ekkehard Zentgraf). They brought a copy of the new “Bible” Book published for the 968, very comprehensive per our Historian, Jeff Coe.Everyone seemed to find rare 968 items at the Swap Meet again (I picked up a rare Hasegawa Model kit and Minichamps red 968 CS diecast). Pete Fitzpatrick presented a comprehensive Tech Session on maintenance of the 968 and info on the Firehawk line in my garage after the Swap Meet.

The weather was beautiful both Friday and Saturday (we had a few members cancel their trip because rain was forecast) and we had a great event.

For pictures on the 968 Gathering in Hershey go to http://pauldavidanthony.com/968.htm  and for a neat film on the event go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hYBjv8yl3A

Thanks to Paul Anthony (CT) for providing these memories of the 2008 968 Gathering in Hershey!