PCA Escape 2008: Journey to the Land of Enchantment

Dan Dennison is the local host working closely with Doug Brosveen, Escape Coordinator to ensure another successful 968 Celebration!

Access the PCA Escape website at http://escape.pca.org  It is a concurrent 968 Celebration during the Escape event which means that your optimum enjoyment will occur if you sign up for Escape. Check off the 968 Celebration buffet dinner on Friday night.

There will be 968 Celebration awards after the buffet dinner Friday night at the hotel. This will be the first time that will have our 968 Celebration concurrent with a PCA National Event. Plan is for Dan and Don to greet the 968 Register members at the hotel on Thursday, September 18 starting around 2 pm at registration. There will be a separate parking area where we will hold our 968 Celebration wash-n-shine later that day and distribute Tech Quizzes.



968 Celebration at Escape

Check out their website at http://escape.pca.org/Welcome.html

Registration will open up this coming Thursday, May 1, 2008

Website gives hotel information ($99 per night) and if you are planning to go, you may want to consider making a reservation at this time (I made mine)

Dan Dennison, 968 Register member and 2008 968 Celebration at Escape Co Host advises that the agenda for the 968 Celebration during Escape is:

Thursday, September 18: Check in and pick up your Escape Welcome Package, which will also include the agenda and info for the 968 Celebration, including the Tech Quiz. The 968 Celebration Wash-n-Shine judging will take place at the hotel (John Straub & Tom Charlesworth judging, there will be a display class if you do not wish your car to be judged) which will then be followed by a Tech Presentation by Tom Charlesworth, National Tech Com Chairman. We will then have a 968 Caravan to the Tanoan Country Club where we will have brats and beer with the rest of the Escape attendees.

Friday, September 19: Bob Blackwell, one of our 968 Register members, will conduct a 4 hour “968 only Tour” which will be capped off by a lunch where the presentation of the twelve 968 Celebration awards for; lst, 2nd, 3rd Place Coupe; Most Modified Coupe; lst, 2nd, 3rd Place Cabriolet, Most Modified Cabriolet; Most Miles, Least Miles, Farthest Distance and Tech Quiz Winner, will be made. With 12 awards, your chances of winning are excellent! Friday night means a great steak-fry at Albuquerque’s world famous Anderson Abruzzo International Balloon Museum (see http://www.balloonmuseum.com/balloonmuseum.shtml

Saturday, September 20: More outstanding tours are available for your driving pleasure. Saturday night tops off with the Escape farewell reunion dinner with lots of fun and prizes.

I have told Doug Brosveen, the Escape Chairman that I expect between 50 and 100 968 Register members to bring their 968s to this 968 Celebration at Escape. He has never attended a 968 Celebration before and does not know how enthusiastic we 968 Register members are about our Celebrations and our cars. I believe that the 968 Celebration at Escape will be the first time we reach 100 of these beautiful cars on display. Help me make this happen!

Register beginning May 1 and make sure you show (968 Celebration) behind your name on the Registration Form and check off the 968 only Tour on Friday.

See you at the 968 Celebration at Escape in Albuquerque in September!

Don Hassenbein
PCA 968 Register Advocate
Host of the 968 Gathering in Hershey
Co-Host of the 968 Celebration at Escape

p.s. I would appreciate it if you could let me know when you Register for the 968 Celebration at Escape. Thanks!