North American 968 Coupes

Porsche 968 Slate Grey M030


The Porsche 968 coupe was the “entry level” Porsche for the 4 years of its production. When it was first introduced it was hyped as an “affordable” sports car with its new low base sticker price of $39,950 ($39,850 for 1992 only) for the 6 speed manual version. North American spec 968 coupes were offered with the full range of Porsche factory-based options as well as the exterior and interior color choices. Just 99 of the NA 968 coupes were outfitted with the rare M030 sport suspension package (see the page here for additional details on the M030 968s). NA 968 coupe oddities include sunroof delete (just 6 produced) and cassette-holder/console door delete (16 identified). 

Production Statistics

Of the 4,242 North American 968s produced, 2,234 of them were coupes representing 53% of the production run.

Production of the NA 968 coupe by model year is listed below:

Model Year Starting VIN Ending VIN Production Total
1992 NS820061 NS820709 649
1993 PS820061 PS820668 608
1994 RS820061 RS820778 718
1995 SS820061 SS820319 259
Total   2234

Porsche reserved the first sixty VINs of each model year series for internal use


Production of the North American 968 coupe started in September of 1991 and ran through October of 1994. Unlike the cabriolets, there were actually 60 true 1995 North American 968 coupes produced between July and October of 1994 (see option code 718 explanation on this site). These 1995 cars marked the last of the series. The final North American 968 coupe produced, SS820319, was a black car with a black interior and was shipped to Canada.


Transmission Statistics

It is no surprise to find that manual transmission 968 coupes represented 81% of the North American production, especially when you consider the performance impact of the tiptronic transmission along with the significant, addition cost. The base price of the 968 Tiptronic coupe was $43,100 ($43,000 even for 1992).

Transmission Type Production Total
6 Speed Manual 1811
Tiptronic 423
Total 2234


Sales Market Statistics

The bulk of the North American 968 production was targeted for the United States market. Just 5% of the NA production coupe run was slated for Canada and were outfitted with a Canadian package. That package included the kilo-speedometer, option code 288 headlight washers, option code 139/340 dual heated seats, and the C36 Canadian emissions package. Three of the NA 968 coupes were produced with German spec emissions. Keep in mind that just because a 968 was produced for North America it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was sold in North America. Cars could have remained in Germany or damaged in transit and never sold. That explains why the production data will not balance with the actual PCNA sales data.

Emissions Type Production Total
C02 – US Emissions 2110
C36 – Canadian Emissions 121
C00 – German Emissions 3
Total 2234


Exterior Color Statistics

The North American 968 was offered in 33 factory exterior colors over the 4 year production run however 65% of the coupes and 61% of the cabriolets were produced in Black/Red/White reflecting the conservative times of the market. That said, a few of the more “unusual” exterior color 968s were produced including a few rare “color to sample” cars (see the page elsewhere on the site for more information on the color to sample 968s). The production statistical breakdown of the 968 coupes by exterior color offering and in order of popularity is provided below. In addition, a photo of a 968 in the corresponding color is included.

Photo (Click to see larger image) Exterior Paint Color Sales Code Paint Code Production #
by popularity
BobFaass_968_BlackA1_Coupe_web Black A1 L700/L741 594
don guards red Guard’s Red G1 L80K 548
grand prix white Grand Prix White P5 L908 299
midnight blue Midnight Blue Metallic F8 L37W/L39C 220
amazon green metallic Amazon Green Metallic N7 L39A 117
968_Polarsilver_95M030_web2 Polar Silver Metallic A8 L92M 114
aventurine Aventurine Metallic K6 L39R/L39S 64
slate grey Slate Grey Metallic Q9 L22D 54
black metallic Black Metallic Z8 L738/L746 41
968_Cobalt_Coupe_MChaty_web Cobalt Blue Metallic F6 L37U 31
iris blue Iris Blue Metallic D3 L39N/L39U 29
oakgreen Oak Green Metallic N9 L22L 20
amethyst Amethyst Metallic F9 L38A 19
horizonblue Horizon Blue Metallic F4 L37X 12
Speed Yellow Coupe #8 Speed Yellow X4 L12G 10
wimbledon Wimbledon Green Metallic B5 L23I 9
968c2sblank Color to sample – Metallic 99 N/A 9
968 maritime coupe Maritime Blue F2 L38B 8
violetblue Violet Blue Metallic 57 L37E 7
968_CoralRed_92_web Coral Red Metallic G7 L82H 6
rubystone red Rubystone Red G4 L82N 3
amaranth Amaranth Violet T3 L39D 3
raspberry coupe a7 Raspberry Red Metallic A7 L82E/L83E 3
968 mint green Mint Green N4 L22S 2
satinblack Satin Black Metallic
(Note: 928 shown)
50 LY9Y 2
Lagoon Green Metallic 54 L35Y 2
Zermatt silver coupe1 Zermatt Silver Metallic 55 LY7Y 2
59 turquoise 968 3 Turquoise Metallic 59 L25D/L25C 2
Riviera AX Riviera Blue S8 L39E 1
MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA Marine Blue Metallic 56 L35V 1
C2S PS820317 Tahoe Tahoe Blue Metallic 58 L37C 1
968c2sblank Color To Sample – Solid 98 N/A 1
C2S venetian blue Venetian Blue 51 L36P 0
cassis red Cassis Red Metallic 52 L80D 0
granite Granite Green Metallic
(Note: 928 shown)
53 L699 0
968 signal green 2_websmall Signal Green M1 L22S 0
 Total Produced 2234