E-Newsletter – December 2019

I apologize for not getting another E-Newsletter to you earlier. I have been busy working on a special “changes” issue, highlighting the many changes to the 968 over the four years of production. That said, it is still not complete so I wanted to get something to you for the end of the year and here it is. Just a “quickie” but hopefully you’ll enjoy it and I’ll look to complete the changes issue early next year.

The register continues to grow. We are up to 550 members in the distribution list. The 968 market continues to be an interesting one. And 2020 is looking to be an interesting year. Hopefully we’ll cross paths. In the meantime, happy New Year.

Mint Green Madness in Connecticut

By the time Porsche completed the North American production run of the 968 series they had produced just 4,242 vehicles resulting in what would be a rare model. But when you drill down further into the 34 exterior colors offered during the model run you get to some incredibly low numbers as most US buyers were still playing it conservative ordering black, red, or white, despite the broad color spectrum offerings. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that when it came to one of the most bold Porsche exterior color offerings, L22R Mint Green, Porsche had only produced three 968s in this hue when North American production ceased. Two coupes and one cabriolet. 

Today all three of those mint green 968s are accounted for. I was fortunate enough to be there when the cabriolet came up for sale from its second owner back in 2007 and quickly moved to take ownership of it and park it in my garage here in Connecticut. Over the years I spotted mint green coupe #1. It was owned by a California PCAer and was participating in an autocross event. A few years later I was contacted by the North Carolina based owner of mint green 968 coupe #2 who was looking to sell it. Who would have guessed that in time both of these coupes would end up migrating to new owners in nearby New York. 

Then, just this year, photos of coupe #1 started to show up at Metro NY PCA events, some of which I had attended previously. I knew the potential for an eventual meeting of two of these amazingly rare cars was now an actual possibility, I just had to meet the owner. Then I got an email from Anthony. 

Anthony was the new owner of mint green coupe #1 and lived in Long Island. Truly an enthusiastic fan of the car we quickly signed Anthony up to the PCA 968 register and I shared with him all the production details on his rare ride. It was great to hear the car was in the hands of someone who truly appreciated 

it and its rarity. We chatted back and forth over the next few weeks but car event season was winding down to a close so I had to act fast if the cars were going to meet in person. I recalled that there was a Cars and Coffee event coming up in mid-October and hoped that might work. Tony checked his schedule and he was open so we planned the meeting. 

The day of the event arrived. The weather cooperated with a cool New England fall day but no rain. I got there first and kept an eye out for him and when he arrived, I had to look twice to make sure someone wasn’t driving my car. Due to the heavy attendance at the event Tony had to park away from my cab to start. Once parked, I introduced myself to Tony and then went about inspecting his amazing machine. Mint green 968 coupe #1 was very clean to start with but Tony went even further making sure that every detail of the car was perfect. It presented itself very well. 

Later in the morning the Mustangs that were parked next to me left and Tony went to retrieve his car and park it next to mine. The sight of the two cars coming together was simply amazing, two rare 968s in one of the boldest and rarest colors utilized by Porsche. Clearly the event was not lost just on the owners of the two cars. Suddenly we were surrounded by a large crowd of fans, all snapping photos of this amazing spectacle. Brad and Angelina had nothing on these two beauties parked side by side there in New Canaan CT. We spent the next hour or so comparing the cars and answering questions, the most common of which was “is that a factory paint job?”. 

Finally the event wrapped up and Tony had to make his way back to Long Island so we said our goodbyes and made a plan to meet again in the future. It was quite a sight to see these two machines side by side and I was amazed that the meeting actually came together after all these years. Now, the only way to top this would be to get the owner of mint green coupe #2 to join us. Can you imagine 3 mint green 968s parked together? 

968 Rarity of the month

If you’ve spent any time on 968register.org and perused the interior pages you know that the 968 had no shortage of interior offering and related options. You also would have learned that the leather interior options were found in 4 categories. The cost and popularity of the leather seating options are listed below. The production numbers reflect the number produced of the 4,242 North American 968s. 

Partial leather seats – at a cost of $668-$682 – 3,965 (94%) 

Full leather seats – at a cost of $1957-$2265 – 122 (3%) 

Full leather interior – at a cost of $4190 – $4532 – 42 (.09%) 

Special Full leather interior – at a cost of $4498-$4963 – 8 (.001%) 

Obviously, the special full leather interiors are super interesting as they are so rare. There were only six versions of them produced but they all share a common characteristic. They are paired with a black upper section. So, no matter what color special leather interior you are looking at, the upper half of the interior will be black. As stated above, only 8 of all 4,242 NA 968s were special ordered with these rare interiors. One of them is my matador project. Another one of them surfaced this month and I thought you would be fascinated to see it just like I was.

For the early 968s, the special leather interiors were offered in Matador red (2 coupes, no cabs), Sherwood green (zero sold in NA), and Carrara Grey (1 coupe, no cabs). A few months back fellow 968er Darryl contacted me about a special 968 coupe he was looking at. He provided me with the VIN so I could give him the production details and boy was I surprised. The car he was looking at was the one NA 968 with the Carrara grey interior!! Fortunately, he was able to make the deal happen and is now the proud owner of this very special 1 of 1 968. And there is way more to the story of this car besides the interesting interior but we’ll save that for a future issue. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the special car with the special interior. And yes! As if the leather wasn’t enough, they are sport seats too!!!! Enjoy.

These rare leather interiors used a period marbled leather. When you see the leather up close it has a marbling effect throughout. Very unusual and only seen in the nineties.
Two rare door panels, 1 of 1 and 1 of 2.

Product Review

This month we have a product review from 968er Dan: 

I’m now on my third 968 cab. I owned the second (a 1995) when I was living in California and Arizona, and the sun could be brutal. I wanted to protect the interior from fading if I parked the car outside, but also didn’t want to raise the top and have THAT fade and cook the interior. And we all fear the dreaded dash cracks . . . 

As it turned out, that car came with an interior cover (aka tonneau cover) which solved the problem — when the car was out, it protected the interior and was actually easier to use than raising the top. Problem was that when I sold the car the cover went with it — and despite numerous searches and inquiries I couldn’t find a replacement when I bought my current 968, a 1992. This car lives on Cape Cod, so the issue isn’t quite as critical, but I still didn’t like leaving the car unprotected when parked outside.

I contacted the person who bought the 95; the labels on the original were too faded to read, so he took it to an upholstery shop. They wanted $550 to duplicate it, plus they would have to take the original apart so I would have to replace that one as well, which would be a total of $1,000+. Even so, I almost went for it — the cover was that useful. 

However, I tried one last search, and found that Covercraft actually sells interior covers that are custom made for a number of convertibles, including Porsche 968s — and the cost was under $100! 

Not sure why all my previous searches didn’t unearth this company (I kept getting results for seat covers), but I’m happy that I found it, and strongly recommend that anyone with a 968 cab consider one. Especially for under $100, it’s a great investment!

Thanks Dan!