E-Newsletter – November 2015

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!! We’ve been experiencing an influx of new registry members in the most recent weeks, in part due to an article in a recent issue of the Porsche E-brake online newsletter. I would like to take a minute to welcome all of those new members to the registry and wish them a great experience with their 968s. They are fantastic and unique Porsches and I hope you get them out and enjoy them.

With the new site up and running well I figured it was time to get the word out to the national PCA membership. I wrote up a small article and submitted it and, just so you know, I gave our Webmaster Adam full credit for his valuable contribution of getting the site up and running. That said, by the time the notification came out the E-brake editor had edited out my callout to Adam and he ended up on “the cutting room floor”!! Oh well, I know how much I appreciate all Adam has done for the registry and hopefully you do to. As a consolation, the reference to Adam’s 968 made it through the editing process (the slate grey M030). If you haven’t seen the article it appears below or you can check out the link:

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

We had a great fall here in the northeast with warm temperatures and beautiful foliage so I made sure to take advantage of it but November is now here so the 968s are cleaned up and ready to head for storage and wait for spring. As mentioned last month, it is time to start thinking about those 2016 events. If you have an event that you plan to attend let me know and we’ll share it with the group. Next year’s Parade will be held in Jay Peek Vermont, right near the Canadian border so if you have never visited that part of the country you might want to consider it.

968 appears on eBay “most watched” list!!!

You know a model of car or example is getting popular when you head over to the Collector car area of eBay motors and find it listed in the “Most watched collector cars” area. If you are unfamiliar with what this means, when you are an eBay registered user you can choose to “watch” a listed item that is up for auction. When selected, eBay will keep you informed of the progress of the auction and when it is about to conclude encouraging you to jump in and “bid”. You have to have a pretty popular machine to be listed on the main page under “most watched” as it means that many perspective buyers are monitoring the status of your auction. Well, that happened a few weeks ago when an attractive and rare Wimbledon green 968 coupe (1 of 9) was listed for auction. I was happily surprised to see it appear on the page when I went to check out the list which is usually made up of 32 Fords, Camaros, or a 356. Seeing this is further testimony to the increased popularity of the 968s. This rare coupe was eventually bid up to and sold for a strong $19,100.

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

$$$$ The most expensive 968 $$$$

Recently I received a PCA 968 Register membership application from Spenser in Maryland. As I worked to put his welcome letter together including his vehicle profile I noticed that his car was one of the rare 50 968s (out of 4,242) that came factory equipped with a full leather interior. In addition, his car was a cabriolet AND it was outfitted with the tiptronic transmission. I thought to myself, this 968 must have been expensive when it was new so I priced it out and sure enough, it broke the $60k barrier at $60,713. That got me to thinking, of the 4,242 968s produced for the North American market, which one had the most expensive price? So I went to my database to see if I could figure it out.

First off, I knew the car had to be a cabriolet. The base sticker price on a cab was $51,700 (in 1992), a full $11,150 more than the base price of a coupe. Then we’ll add in the tiptronic which bumps the car up another $3,150. Now, of all the options available, the full leather interior has the single biggest price tag at $4,190. So, when you factor in just those three requirements you are looking at a 968 with a starting retail cost of $59,040. Looking at my database, only 6 NA 968s met the initial requirements.

As I reviewed each one of the six cabs they all had a mix of options but one 1992 stuck out. NS840612 was built in January of 1992. It was a tiptronic and optioned with the full leather interior but talk about rare, the interior alone makes this car a one of one. It was outfitted with full leather in light grey/cobalt, the only cabriolet produced with this colored interior in full leather (there was one coupe as well). Then we’ll add in the additional optional equipment the car had such as the $528 full power 8-way driver’s seat and the $1,347 CD-2 radio with 8 speaker hi-fi sound and amps. But what really put this car over the top was that the original dealer/owner ordered it up in the 1992-only optional special metallic paint color of Venetian Blue at an additional cost of $1,600. If the rare interior wasn’t enough, the code 51 Venetian Blue special metallic was only used on one other cab so from the exterior paint color perspective the car was one of two. A rare machine for sure but it was also very expensive! Add all the above up and you break the $62K mark at $62,515! I believe this car takes the title as “Most expensive North American 968”.

I ran the $62,515 1992 dollars through an inflation calculator and it came out that the 968 in question would cost you a whopping $106,023 in 2015. Crazy money yes but hey, you would be getting a hand-built 1 of 1 machine loaded to the hilt with options. And I’ve heard of NS840612. It was for sale in California in October of 2003 but had already accumulated 126,000 miles so who knows if it is still around. Still, in its day it was one amazing and expensive machine.

For reference, below are example photos of a Venetian Blue 968 coupe and a light grey/cobalt interior.

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November 968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

$48 of cool

I often tell people one of the coolest things about Porsche in the early nineties was they were just getting into the custom programs that are standard-fare today. A select few of the 968s reflect that and it is just one more reason that they are such great cars. Recently there was a nice clean 1993 red cab listed on eBay. At first if appeared to be a pretty standard model in the most common production color and exterior/interior/top. But wait, a review of the window sticker showed that it was factory equipped with the extremely rare option 14111 which is deviated door stitching in standard colors. On this car you can see black stitching on the cashmere door panel where the stitching would normally be cashmere. The deviating stitching looks FANTASTIC considering all the black in the interior. And this neat feature was available for only $48 back in 1993! Sweet!

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

More PR for the 968s

I was recently contacted by David Gooley who is a freelance writer for Excellence magazine. He was looking for a West coast 968 to support a feature article on the model. I sent an email to the West coast 968ers and Bob Andrews was able to volunteer his fine ride as the model for the feature. Bob wrote up a quick note on his experience below. Thanks for pushing the model Bob and congrats!

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

When Jeff reached out to the registry for a volunteer for magazine photo shoot, I had to think twice about volunteering. Magazines are where you see Super Models. In the automotive world the Super Models are concours cars, new factory introductions, and “Garage Queens”. Super Models are pampered and kept from the elements that age. Our 968 is driven daily. Extremely well maintained, but driven… not in the Super Model category.

Needless to say, I was a bit apprehensive of what the photo journalist, David Gooley, might think of a daily driver. David is a 30 year veteran of documenting the automotive industry though pictures. He has photographed some of the most expensive and rare cars on planet. When David arrived, my apprehension soon evaporated. David kept remarking on what a beautiful car, and how the 968 was one of the best designs ever conceived. High praise from a man who has rubbed elbows with Pininfarina designers, worked for Ferrari and Alfa Romeo factory magazines … maybe the fact that our 968 is red influenced his opinion 😉

Knowing that David was pleased with the car, it was now time to pick a photo shoot location. David wanted a rural backdrop so the red would “pop” against the natural landscape. David works out of San Diego, my wife, Nancy, and I are originally from Nebraska, so we were all clueless as to a suitable location around Irvine for the shoot.

Finding a “where” is when the fun really began. We decided rather than spend time looking at maps, we’d wing it, and drive until we found a good spot for a photo shoot. Nancy drove the 968, David and I were in the chase car (my 928). We fired up the Porsches and headed to the California hills.

Nancy sped off, as if the faster she drove would increase odds of finding the perfect location. Driving the “chase car” was an apt description. As we sped through the hills, David and I talked cars, and laughed every time Nancy put her foot to floor on the winding roads, creating a gap that we had to close. We couldn’t tell if Nancy was trying to lose us, or was just having too much fun.

Eventually we stumbled across a private road to a gravel quarry in the hills. On one side of the road; sage green, tan and browns of the hills. On the other side; a white, rain eroded sandy wall, carved out of the earth to accommodate the passage of trucks. As David predicted the red paint popped against scenery.

We traveled up and down the road multiple times for the moving shots. The chase car, in front, behind and to the side of the 968. Traveling side-by-side was the only iffy part. It was only a 2 lane road with trucks sporadically coming and going. Kind of like playing chicken with Mack trucks, with no intention of being the victor.

During the still shots we had a nice break to get out and stretch our legs. While David photographed every conceivable angle of the car, we spent a fair amount of time just looking at the 968 from a distance, soaking in the graceful lines, and sculptured body. I gained a renewed appreciation 968. It is a damn stunning car!

After the photo shoot we went to have a cold drink. David entertained us with stories of his travels across the globe to cover automobile races, design premiers, odd photo shoots, and odd people he encountered in his career. The day was great fun. If offered the opportunity to do it again, I would jump on the chance.

At one point David showed me his camera. From the camera’s review window, gave me a glimpse at a few of close to 100 photos, he took that afternoon. What I saw in that little window was testament to his skill and artistry. David had captured images of our 968… looking very much like a Super Model! – Bob Andrews

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

Early model 968 production differences

So you’ve heard that the earliest 968s have some unusual production features but you aren’t clear on exactly what they are? Well, let me take a minute to review four of the more notable changes with you. I’ve included comparison photos:

1) Recessed hood Porsche badge – This unique feature is very cool and seen on 968s produced through November of 1991. For North American production, this represents the first 150 coupes and 250 cabriolets. The factory went through the trouble of stamping the steel hood with a recessed location for the famous Porsche badge. We can only speculate that this was pulled due to production challenges or cost. As far as I know, we didn’t see this unique feature again until the Cayenne was introduce and then Porsche did it with a plastic molded front bumper. Still, this is a neat feature which points to the high standard and expectations that the 968 was created under.

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November 968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

2) Edged rear 968 badge – I have no idea why they made a switch here. Again, this slightly larger font and sharp edged emblem was only used on the first few 100 cars or so. There is no separate listing in the Porsche PET catalog for two different types of emblems. The rounded emblem showed up about the same time as the recessed hood badge went out.

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November 968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

This red cab example of the edged emblem below has the paint polished off the edges but it better illustrates the difference.

3) Coolant bleeder – Only the first 50 or so 968s have this feature. You’ll notice the coolant bleeder is missing. Well, it is hiding under the fuel rail cover. By October of 1991 Porsche had switched to the “much easier to service” exposed bleeder design.

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November 968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

4) Gloves on the engine bay glove box – You may not have even noticed this one but those of us with model year 1992 to early 1994 968s have the additional engine bay trim including an engine compartment glove box which contained a set of gloves and a work rag. In the spirit of global understanding, Porsche molded in a visual representation of a pair of gloves on the door to the glove box so you would understand the contents but for whatever reason, the molded gloves were removed towards the end of the 1992 model year production (April of 1992) and replaced with a smooth door for the duration of the engine compartment glove box use.

No Gloves! (late late 92, to early 94) Gloves! (until late 92)
968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November 968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November


Fellow 968er Bob Frith is working on putting together and event for the west coast. Sounds like a fantastic time. Details appear below.

968 West Coast Gathering

Start making your plans! South Lake Tahoe, CA! July 8th – 10th, 2016!

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

We’ve got the perfect venue for a 2016 968 West Coast Gathering – – South Lake Tahoe!

Here are the particulars:

Dates: Friday, July 8 through Sunday July 10, 2016. You can come earlier and stay later and get the group rates.

The main hotel is the 968 Park Hotel. Check it out at:


To book your room at the 968 Park Hotel, call the hotel at 530-544-0968 and mention the code “Porsche” to receive the exclusive discount rates. Make your reservations early, this is a small property, so book as soon as you can so you can be guaranteed a room. The rates won’t apply for the 4th of July weekend, however.

Next door is the Park Tahoe Inn that offers lower rates. Check it out at: http://www.parktahoeinn.com/

To book your room at the Park Tahoe Inn, call the hotel at 530-544-6000 and mention the code “Porsche” to receive the discount rates.

This is not a PCA-sponsored event, rather it is a gathering of all 968 owners for the purpose of having a great weekend in a spectacular setting with your 968! For more information, contact Bob Frith at bob911@cableone.net

Come join in the fun!

Porsche Swap at Hershey 2016 – Hershey PA, Saturday April 16th

Porsche Parade 2016 – Jay Peak Vermont June 19th – June 25th


Fellow 968er Steve Douglas had a busy summer getting his 968 out to many of the west coast events. He sent along the review below. It looks like he and his wife had some amazing experiences.

A Good Kind of Crazy by Steve Douglas

The past couple of months have been “Porsche Crazy”, I’m lucky to live near Monterey California, which this year became “Porsche Central” for the world.

Regressing a little, we bought the 968 from a friend in September 2014 as a Porsche for my wife Lori. She had wanted her own Porsche, so for her birthday and retirement on May 2014 I had found a nice 911SC. She won’t drive my 356 and hates going on long drive without A/C and all of the comforts she has become used to. The 911 was nice but the clutch pedal was stiff, the A/C “wanted” to work and it was very noisy. So when the 968 came up for sale we bought it. Paid too much, but it is an exceptional car, with a known history and meticulously kept. Perfect for Lori’s 2nd car when she wants to show off, and for tours and trips with the local PCA. Now back to “Porsche Crazy”.

Starting on August 8th Canepa Motorsports had their Coffee and Cars – open house, by 8:30am there were hundreds of cars filling the parking lots as well as the neighboring lots. Porsche was well represented with everything from early 356s to a brand new GT-4. I took the 968, the only one that showed, and appreciated by lots of people as it was looking great, basically clean and awaiting the final prep for the following week’s activities. After a few cups of coffee and doughnuts, three Porsche took off for Laguna Seca, destination the Pre-Reunion Races. Arriving at the track we found a few other Porsches parking in the trackside lot. Not a 924-944-968 in sight, there was a 924 Turbo leaving the track, but only 911s, 356s and 2-914s were seen, but then our cars are too new to race. It was a wonderful afternoon of races, and meeting friends.

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

The 968 need to be re-cleaned for Tuesdays Concours on the Avenue in Downtown Carmel, which has become the kick- off event for Car Week. The concours is by invitation only and features Porsche and Ferrari up to 1989, along with many other marques. I had received an email from Jim Borowske back in April looking for cars to be considered for a new concours class. The class was called the “Forgotten Porsches”, made up of 924-944-951-968 cars, I sent in photos and a $250 deposit/donation and waited to hear from the acceptance committee, in July Doug Freedman called to do a phone interview asking questions about the car, the history and my reason for entering. After talking for quite a while he gave a verbal acceptance for entry as long as we had 15 cars. With about 30 days till the show I decided to start early prep and suspend driving the 968 regularly. Wheels off, started cleaning, fender wells, suspension and bottoms of the rocker panels. The engine was already very clean and only needs to be dusted. The interior needed to be cleaned a little, and all of the paraphernalia organized. By Monday night the car was ready to go. We delivered the car to Carmel that evening and parked it at friend’s house for 3 block trip to the concours site.

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November 968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

Tuesday I arrived in Carmel and it was drizzling, very typical on the coastal weather, the fog dropping out, but as the morning progressed it turned into light rain of ocean salt water. It cleared by 9am but the car was sort of streaky and hard to clean. The show was wonderful, we were parked on a side street where lots of folks entered the show, great exposure. Being the only 968 among 4-944s, 6 928s and a 924 Turbo there was lots of questions, many never remembered 968s. Placed 2nd in class behind a beautiful 944, that hadn’t suffered the fog/rain.

Wednesday, had to show up at work for a while, I’m only semi-retired. Had to wash the 968 and clean up the 356 as both were entered in Fridays Werkes Reunion.

Thursday we drove the cars to Carmel Valley, we were staying at the Holman Ranch, an historic Villa and Winery. Thursday evening is a gathering at the Baja Saloon, in Carmel, we drove the 968 and met friends for margaritas before dinner in the Village of Carmel Valley.

Friday Morning up and out by 7am, with both cars, the 968 was being judged, the 356 parked in the Corral, and I was judging early the 911/912 class. Busy morning getting instructions for judging gathering our team together, so the prep was left to Lori to do, her first time showing a car, after all it is her car. Again the only 968 in the show, and only two more parked in the Corral. A black coupe left early so I didn’t get any pictures, and silver coupe that was parked all day. We placed 2nd again, under PCA judging cleanliness is the criteria. I was satisfied with our results as I am not a serious concours person.

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November 968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

Saturday was to Laguna Seca again for the Reunion Races, parking in the Porsche/PCA paddock about 130 Porsches, and there was another 968. A red coupe, never saw the owner, but sometime about 4pm it was gone. Sunday was a day to relax and unwind.So that concluded August.

Rennsport V, need I say more….” A quote for Laguna Seca’s Newsletter. “The three-day crowd of more than 55,000 witnessed the largest gathering in the world of Porsche race cars, with 321 historic entries taking to the track to rekindle memories of yesteryear as well as fan the flames of excitement for the famous marque’s current lineup of U.S. and international competition, including the IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup USA. In addition to the nonstop on-track activity, nearly 1,500 Porsches were on display, including more than a dozen cars direct from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, 64 other historically significant cars in the Chopard Heritage Display, and more than 1,400 more parked in the 20 model-specific corrals throughout the facility.”

I drove the ‘ 59 – 356 Friday since we had a 356 Registry Gathering that afternoon in Carmel Valley. Found 3 968s a red coupe in the corral parking, and a blue coupe belonging to the Neidel family in the 60/60 exhibit, plus the Turbo RS race car in the Heratige Display. I had been asked to show the 968, but couldn’t figure a way to get both cars there on Friday and home again on Sunday, as Lori was in Southern California.

Saturday I drove the 356 again, it was out, dusty and already had the chairs, sunscreen and other stuff from Friday. Coming in saw a silver 968 but couldn’t find it again.

Saturday was another overdose of Porsches, and to find lots of “Porsche friends”, a few I have known for over 40 years, and met many new ones. I had planned on going back on Sunday, but was “Porsched-out” . Plus I needed pack to join Lori for a week in Laguna Beach, a great way to unwind and decompress from all of the Porsche hoopla.

Ready to do it again… wouldn’t miss it….

968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November 968 Reg newsletter 2015 - November

968Register.org update

The new register website continues to perform well. Adam has been adding a few adjustments including posting the new E-Newsletters. If you haven’t visited you owe it to yourself to check it out. 968register.org.



Jeff Coe

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