e-Newsletter – January 2014

PCA 968 Register E-Newsletter – January 2014

Happy New Year!


There has been much excitement here at the PCA 968 register and that is because we have a new member of our team. Let me virtually introduce you to Adam Blauer. Adam lives in MA with his wife and new baby son. He is also a big 968 enthusiast and owns a 1993 M030 968 in Slate grey (the only M030 produced in that exterior color I might add). Adam has access to a web hosting site and offered earlier in 2013 to be the register’s new Webmaster. He and I have been working hard building the new site which will have lots of great information including much of the production statistics that I have been compiling for many years. The new site is looking great and we hope to have it completed in the early part of 2014. You’ll be sure to get an announcement when it is ready. I’d like to thank Ron Salvador for his support of the register’s web site in the past and we’re sure to see Ron again in the future as he’s still a 968 owner.


As for 2014 I’m hoping to see many of you at some events. I should be at Hershey and the PCA Zone 1 event but I won’t be at the Parade this year. If you are planning an event or attending one just let me know and I’ll work with you to get the news out using the E-Newsletters and the Registry website. You really need to get out and enjoy that great 968 of yours by attending an event!!! You’ll meet your fellow 968ers as well as PCA members who love to see our unique 968s. So please, join us!!!


PCA 968 e-Newsletter featured 968


For this E-Newsletter’s featured 968 I present a very unusual car that isn’t even located here in North America. The reason the car is so unusual is its rare interior. This 968 features a full leather offering for model years 1992-1994.5 called Cedar Green. You might see a 911 or a 928 with this interior in the US but not a single North American 968 was produced with it. It is interesting how Porsche put this interior offering together. Note that all the hard parts are done in black (upper door panels, dash top, steering wheel, seat corners, interior door handles, A-pillar covers). I’m sure this kept the cost down (even though it still retailed for $4,498) and all they had to produce was the special green leather and carpets. They used this same approach (“hard parts” in black) for the other “special” leather 968 offerings. I think it looks pretty sharp.

Carrera Green Leather Carrera Green Leather

2013 was a great year and we can all look forward to a fantastic 2014.


Jeff Coe

PCA 968 Register advocate



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