E-Newsletter – April 2016

Okay, who’s up for a mission? We need a volunteer to head to Stuttgart Germany and check out the new Transaxle display at the Porsche museum. Along with the 924s, 944s, and 928s you will find the 968s. 968 cab PS840414 has always been on display there but they’ve pulled out the Roadster concept and brought in the 968 cutaway from the Museum in Austria. Very cool. I would love to get there but if you find yourself fortunate enough to be visiting please bring back a report and photos for the registry.

968s continue to make their mark in the public relations area. Kaj out in California (who wrote an article elsewhere in this issue) recently informed me that his Amethyst color to sample cabriolet was photographed for a feature in Excellence magazine. It should be out in a couple of months. Also, don’t forget to check out Minty’s TV debut on Saturday May 21st with the Season 20/Episode 21 Porsche parade episode of My Classic Car, unless of course, we end up on the cutting room floor. We’ll have to see. As always, if you have something you would like to share with the group just send it along and we’ll get it in a future newsletter.

Another piece of the C2S puzzle found – Coupe #5

As you know from the Color to Sample page on 968Registry.org there were 18 special 968s produced during the four year run that were factory equipped with the $2,498 Color to Sample (C2S) paint option. Now these cars are interesting in that their paint color code is either 99 (for C2S metallic) or 98 (for C2S solid) so I don’t know exactly what color they are until they are actually spotted. Of the 18 C2S 968s I have seen or heard of 8 of them. Well now, that total has grown to 9!

I recently received a registry application from Tony up in Vancouver Canada and he is the proud owner of C2S coupe #5. Tony had visited the registry’s website and already knew he had a special 968.

So, what color is coupe #5??? Well, #5 falls in line with my theory of someone seeing the paint on an older car and wanting that color, only to learn that it was no longer available. #5 is a 1994 but it is painted in the 1992/1993-available Violet Blue metallic (Code 57/L37E). Again, you can just hear the scenario playing out back in 1994 where a buyer walks into the dealer having seen the outrageous Purple color and wanting their 968 in just that color! Finding out that the color was no longer available the dealer was only too happy to offer up a solution in the form of the $2,498 color to sample paint option.

Below is a photo of Tony’s sweet 968.

Now, I just have to get a look at those other unidentified 9 C2S 968s!

For more detailed information on C2S 968s visit this page: https://968register.org/optionalequipment/color-to-sample/

Windshield woes

I’ve been fortunate. After 20 years of 968 ownership I’ve had almost no cases of unexpected repairs. However, this past summer I did suffer a cracked windshield. I submitted the claim to my insurance company and they cut me a generous check that would cover the cost of a dealer purchased windshield and installation. Looking for options and to save some money I contacted my local independent Porsche shop who recommended a local installer who he had used. I contacted the guy and we made an arrangement for him to come to my house for the install. I ordered a new Porsche factory windshield and seal from Sunset and I was ready to go.

He showed up and looked over the project. After removing my broken windshield he installed the new one and then turned to me and handed me the seal and told me to install it the next day after the sealer had a chance to dry. I proceed to do that but had a very difficult time. The windshield had settled down into the frame making it very difficult to install the seal. I finally got it in but it looked terrible as I had dented it during the install. I looked into what was happening and learned that the correct way to install the windshield is to install the seal PRIOR to installation into the frame. Then it hugs the frame tightly after install. It was too late for that as the windshield was already installed! I thought I was going to have to have it removed and that means it might have broken. The original installer wasn’t returning my calls. Not good.

Fortunately for me, I was having my cabriolet top replaced this spring at a full Porsche restoration shop here in CT, Automobile Associates on Canton. I spoke to them about my seal installation issue and he said he could get it in. When I picked up the car the seal looked almost perfect so I dodged a bullet.

Moral of the story: don’t cheap out on your service work or, review what the job is yourself prior to having it done and make sure it is being done right.

My new top looks great. For original windshields, be sure to look for the seal below. You ‘ll want to see that funny looking upside down triangle emblem which indicates a Porsche part (thanks Cliff).

Member story – Kaj H.

If you would like to share your 968 story with the registry membership please send it along for inclusion in a future newsletter. For this month, we’ll hear from Kaj in California. Also, watch for Kaj’s 968 in a future issue of Excellence.

The desire to own a great Porsche 968 Convertible

Well it all started back in the early nineties when I had this dream of owning an inexpensive but respectable sport car. My first discovery was a beautiful black 1985 Mazda RX-7. The gentleman I bought it from had carpets in his garage, so I figured it could not be too bad. I drove it for a few years until a tow truck backed into it …and bye..bye

My next car was a 1973 Datsun 240Z……Nice ride…but this was an automatic…no guts.

Now it was time for a Porsche. Found a beautiful 1985 944 in Guards Red. I drove it for years before handing it over to my daughter as a graduation gift.

It was time for new inexpensive car investments. I had my 944 serviced in San Rafael over the years and I asked them to find a nice 928 for me. The owner called me one day and said “come down and see us, we have something to show you”. A beautiful 29000 mile 928 was waiting at $6700. New hoses, new rubber new C2 rims and all records back to day one.

I enjoyed this car for 5 years and doubled my money selling it to a 928 collector in Reno, Nevada.

It is now time to get to the 968 story. I had several nice cars after the 928 including a 350Z and a G37S Coupe, but for 3 years I was searching for the ultimate 968. I could find some at the East Coast, but not a lot out here in the West.

In the spring of 2015 I came across a net ad from a Sacramento, California Car Dealer offering a 1994 968 for sale. Living in the Bay Area it was an easy drive up to check it out. The 968 looked absolutely beautiful and I felt attached to it right away. With only 59000 miles on it, and in mint condition, I made an offer on the car and it was accepted. I drove it home to my garage and was looking forward to investigate all the details of this rare machine. As a convertible it was a totally new experience to me, I had never owned a “top-less” in the past.

Time to Google all the details surrounding the 968’s. I found several 968 sites but one especially caught my eye, 968net. I also hooked up with 968register and 968forums where I learned of all the 968’s and the details around them. I found one special story surrounding my 968.

In the fall of 1993 this 1994 Porsche VIN # RS840511 was ordered through the dealer in Gurnee, IL by Lisa G. as a C2S ( Color to Sample) in Amethyst Metallic F9. This option is still available today but is now called PTS, Paint to Sample, and it is making life difficult for Porsche AG. There are too many requests coming in and the $5000 extra price tag does not seem to slow orders.

The car was delivered on December 27, 1993 in Joplin, MO. to Lisa G. In 2014 it travelled to California having only been driven approximately 3000 miles a year and kept garaged, when not driven. I learned from Jeff Coe (968register) last fall that this 968 was very special. It was a 1 of 1 meaning it was the only true (non 718) 1994 ordered in Amethyst Metallic (F9).

I feel I have reached full circle with the 968. My desire to own one of the always undervalued (that is about to change) underappreciated water cooled Porsches has been met. As we all know, nothing in life stays the same, The 968 is now suddenly a rare commodity and increasing in value. Keep yours shiny and in good shape, I will do the same.

Kaj H.

Events 2016

2016 is shaping up to be another year of great events to attend with your 968. I implore you to get out there and get your 968 seen. You’ll find that many show attendees are fascinated with the 968 and you’ll be helping to get our rare model seen. If you are attending an event or running one let me know and I’ll help you to get the word out. Events I know of include:

  • 2016 PCA Zone 1 Concours 5/13 – 5/15, Westbury Gardens LI NY – This PCA event always draws some nice cars from the tri-state area although last year was pretty weak. I’ve talked to Mike who owns Speed Yellow coupe #5 and he doesn’t live to far from there so he will attend and I will look to bring down SY coupe #8 and we’ll have two in attendance. As he put it, “we’ve got a car show!” It will certainly be a site to see. Details can be found at: http://media.wix.com/ugd/218b95_0db8748116134468a9ab08ff1e406567.pdf
  • 2016 PCA Parade 6/19 – 6/25, Jay Peak VT – There is nothing like a Porsche club parade and this event should be something to see. I hear the location is breathtaking and only a few minutes from the Canadian border so we should see a number of great Porsches from the great white north. I’ll be there for a couple of days. Details can be found at: http://2016parade.pca.org/index.html
  • 2016 West Coast 968 Gathering 7/8 – 7/10, South Lake Tahoe CA – 968er Bob Frith is working to set up an event on the West coast. Details are listed below:
    • We’ve got the perfect venue for a 2016 968 West Coast Gathering – – South Lake Tahoe!
    • Here are the particulars:
    • To book your room at the 968 Park Hotel, call the hotel at 530-544-0968 and mention the code “Porsche” to receive the exclusive discount rates. Make your reservations early, this is a small property, so book as soon as you can so you can be guaranteed a room. The rates won’t apply for the 4th of July weekend, however. There are also plenty of other hotels nearby so you can choose the hotel of your preference.
    • We’ve some great drives planned as well as plenty of social time to get acquainted with other 968 owners and swap stories about our cars!
    • This is not a PCA-sponsored event, rather it is a gathering for all 968 owners for the purpose of having a great weekend in a spectacular setting with your 968! For more information, contact Bob Frith at bob911@cableone.net
    • Come join in the fun!
  • 2016 Werkes Reunion III, August 19th, Carmel Valley California, – 968er Steve pointed out that the featured Porsches for 2016 will be the 924-944-951-968!!! Another option for the west coast gang. It’s the Friday of the Monterey Historic Race Week. All Porsche, 150 show cars and 500+ on the lawn. Details can be found here: http://www.werksreunion.com/


The new register website continues to perform well. If you haven’t visited you owe it to yourself to check it out. 968register.org.



Jeff Coe

PCA 968 Register Advocate https://968register.org/