PCA 968 Register eNewsletter: January 2012

Well, another year is upon us. 2011 was a busy one for me 968~wise with the trip to the Savannah Parade and other shows so we’ll have to see how 2012 shapes up. Hopefully your 968s are doing well and you are either enjoying them or they are tucked away waiting for spring.

Speaking of spring, that can only mean one thing for the 968 owner and that is our annual pilgrimage to the PCA Porsche swap meet in Hershey PA and our corresponding event. For 2012 the Swap is scheduled for Saturday, April 21st. We’ll look to hold a similar schedule as last year’s 968 event. Things will start on Friday with a dinner and presentation. I haven’t selected the hotel yet but watch for more details. As for the presentation, I’ll be doing the same presentation I did at the Savannah Parade on North American 968 coupe production with a tech quiz (Cliff can’t participate as he won the quiz at the Savannah event). Once you hear it your be a 968 coupe production expert! I would also like to solicit for any other event related assistants. If you have something you would like todo for the event or a presentation for the group on Friday night let me know and we’ll get you on the agenda. We’ll reconvene at the Swap early on Saturday in our usual parking area for tailgating. If you have any ideas on adding something to the event please contact me.

Now, 2012 will have many other PCA events. If you would like to add a 968 event to a PCA event or set up your own let me know and the 968 register will advertise for you. The Parade is in Utah this year which is a little long of a drive for me so I won’t be attending but it promises to be a spectacular event.


PCA 968 Register eNewsletter Featured 968


For this month’s featured 968s I have an interesting car for you. It is especially interesting to me because I purchased it! I had been looking for “just the right coupe” to go along with Minty and when the opportunity presented itself to purchase 968 register member Bob’s car I had to jump at it. Now this car has a lot going for it:

1) It’s nicely optioned with LSD, dual full power/heated seats, hi-fi sound, painted center caps, and a body colored rear spoiler.

2) It is a 1995, one of the last coupes (#2,052 of 2,234) and a nice production contrast to Minty which wasone of the first (#9)

3) All original paint and in fantastic condition

4) One Owner!!! Bob purchased it new and has every scrap of paper and souvenir from his 16 years of ownership, and I mean everything.

5) Oh, and I almost forgot, it’s Speed Yellow in color!!!! #8 of 10 produced.

I’ve been working on small details with the car since I acquired it and plan to take both the coupe and the cab to events this year including Hershey so watch for that small 968 parade of color!