968 Register Featured Member – Jack & Deirdre Staudt




Who is our featured PCA 968 register member?

Jack and Deirdre Staudt who live in Kirkland Washington with their Cobalt Blue 1993 968 cabriolet.

How long have you owned your 968?

Since January 2005 – almost 9 years!

What lead you to your 968 purchase and what other models did you consider?

I was looking for a 964 to replace a 1991 C2 Cab totaled in an accident and saw the 968 on E-bay. I have always liked the look of the 968 Cabs as they are a much more modern style than the look of a 911 cab of the time. This particular 968 had a color combination my wife really liked and a Tip which we preferred. The Price @ $16,000 was very attractive compared to a 964.

Do you know the history of your 968?

Yes – that car came with good detailed Maintenance History event thought I would be the forth owner at 61,000 miles.

Have you made any modifications to your 968?

Yes, this Cab has a ECU Chip and a Strut Tower Bar.

What’s the maintenance history of your 968?

Too long to share it all but other than the normal service, Belts etc, the Radiator, Water Pump, Rear Shocks, Motor Mounts, Convertible Top, and Drive line Damper have been replaced. It gets regular service by and Indy close to us and has 82,000 mile now.

Do you do your own maintenance on your 968?

I do all the little stuff, Electrical – switches – Dash lamps – Speedo Gear – but I have no space to do major repairs.

What aspects of 968 ownership do you like most and least?

Most is the uniqueness of this 968 and the Color – Which I believe resulted in the People’s Choice Award. I cannot count the time folks have approached us in parking lots to ask about the car. We have taken it to several local Car Club Shows and always get a great response. Even PCA Club folks ask “What model Porsche is that? I have never seen one of these!”. And then there is the driving… we love to travel in this Porsche. It is a good riding automobile and very spacious for two folks and gear. Last week we took 5 days for a 900 mile trip and were comfortable all the way.

What do I like least

Replacing the Damper at a cost of $4000 last month!!! But as I explained to my wife we need to amortize the cost over the next 20 years! So it is only $200 this year.

Do you have any 968 ownership stories that you would like to share?

Winning the 2006 Portland Parade People’s Choice Award was a high point in our ownership. We loved the Portland Parade trip, our first Parade. It was close to home and we had tour trips each day all over that beautiful Oregon country side. And the Top was Down all week. Even though there were 924, 944, 928 and 968’s from several states, some of which were quite tricked out, our “Bluebell” took the Award, along with many great conversations about this amazing old car. On one tour we found ourselves on really twisty mountain road with two other Cobalt Blue Porsches, a Carrera Coupe and a Turbo owned by the same family. At the end of one leg the three cars were together, and Bluebell behind the Turbo, the owner asked me how I was able to keep up with him as he thought he was pushing pretty fast. Well of course the very twisty roads never let him use the 100 extra HP and the 968 with 17 inch rims had every bit of grip that he had.

What are your future plans for your 968?

Ever since I bought this 968 it has been a work in process. It did not have an easy life before I found her and cosmetically there were lots of little things I have, and still want to improve. This winter she will get a new lower mesh grill, and a lower chassis brace, and I am thinking of re-dying the carpets that have sun fade. This 968 is a keeper because my wife loves driving it as much as I do. She calls it Her car! It is pretty much a Summer car as we have an Audi Quattro for winter for her, and I have the 996 C4.

How long have you been a member of PCA?

I have been involved in PCA since the mid 1970 in Chicago when I purchase my first and the only New Porsche I have owned, a 914. Then came Kids, and relocations, and new Business, (Life stuff) and along the way four other Porsches. We have (and will keep) the 968 and a 2000 C4.

What PCA activities have you taken part in and enjoyed?

My wife and I love travel by Porsche, so PNWR Tours are a regular part of our summer plans every year. Last year we did our second Parade in Salt Lake with the 996 Carrera 4. I have done Driver Skills days several times and volunteered for them as well. I also tried Auto Cross in the 996 last year and may do more of that as I retire and have more time. I like Tech Sessions and try to attend several every summer. We have shown the 968 in several Kirkland Concours All Porsche Displays and also at non-PCA events. So I guess you could say we do enjoy participation. J And yes you can say my Hobby is Porsche.


968 Register Production Profile on Jack’s 968 are as follows:

  • PS840314 – Tiptronic cab
  • North American 968 cabriolet 1992-1995 Production sequence number of 2,008: #921
  • North American 968 cabriolet 1993 Production sequence number of 354: #254
  • Exterior Color statistics: 1 of 27 F6 Cobalt Blue metallic cabriolets
  • Exterior/Top/Interior Color combo statistics: 1 of 1 F6 Cobalt Blue metallic cabriolets paired with a dark blue top and a cobalt and light gray interior (there were 3 other cobalt cabs that had the same interior but they had cobalt blue tops, Jack’s car is the only one with that interior and a dark blue top)
  • Factory options with option codes: VA partial leather in cobalt/light grey, 249 tiptronic, 403 17″ cup1 wheels, 437 full power driver’s seat, 691/490 factory CD with hi-fi sound