968 Register Featured Member – Shamus McBride

Interview by Jeff Coe

Shamus purchased his red 1993 968 coupe in July of 2003. When asked how he ended up as an owner of a 968 and what other cars he considered he states “The 968 was my first Porsche – I had always wanted one since I was a teenager. I primarily looked at 944s and 928s, but the 968 fit my price points and had the modern features I wanted (airbags, ABS, etc)”


Shamus summer 104 resize

Shamus’s 968 was built in March of 1993, the 445th coupe (of the 608 1993 MY US coupe total) built for the US market that year. The details on Shamus’s 968 appear below: 

VIN : WP0AA2964PS820505




09991 manufacture from the exclusive-program
331 AM/FM Cassette w/2 door speakers
437 Comfort seat left
454 Automatic speed control
650 Sunroof
692 Remote CD changer (6-disc)
C02 Equipped with catalytic converter
XD4 Porsche Crest Rim Caps

The Sticker price for the car was $43,354 and it was originally sold through Porsche of Lynnfield.

Shamus’s 968 spent its entire life in Massachusetts and has always been a fair weather car. The original owner refused to deliver it to the second owner on the appointed day because it was raining. He purchased the car from the second owner because the second owner’s daughter was turning 16.

Since acquiring the car, Shamus has added 17 inch rims and a 993 type steering wheel. He has a promax chip ready for a future performance upgrade. He has found the car to be very reliable requiring routine maintenance. His daily driver, a new Cayenne, is a different story. You’ll have to look for that story on the Cayenne registry web page. 

As for maintenance, Shamus doesn’t consider himself a “wrencher” but he wants to learn. He says “I will attempt things that don’t involve safety features of the car (I guess the 993 airbag replacement broke that rule). I leave the oil changes done by my local independent servicer so that someone with more knowledge than I can get a look at her now and again.” 

When asked what he likes most about 968 ownership he states “One word – its uniqueness”. Tops on the list for dislikes? “I wish I could drive her year round – she’s asleep for the winter now. But wait its December and 40 degrees in New England?…time for a drive.”

Shamus continues with a 968 ownership story: “As I mentioned earlier I have lusted after Porsches since I was a teen. After having been accepted at a relatively expensive private college, my mother offered me a deal. I could stay at home and attend the local college and she would buy me a 944 or I could go to the private college and she would help with the tuition. I chose to go to the private college and buy my own Porcshe – the 968 was a gift to myself. After getting bit by the bug I bought a Cayenne S as my daily driver. So I own 2 front engined-water-coolers. Oh the Porsche purist must rue the day.

I said earlier I bought the 968 from a guy whose daughter was turning 16. “There was just not enough room for 4 cars”, he said – and the 968 had to go. When I went to pick up the keys he was not home, but his 10 year old son answered the door, followed by his VERY pregnant wife – I was beginning to see the whole picture. A few months go by and I get a big envelope in the mail from him – good I think – he did promise to give me the maintenance records. I open the package and there is a note – sorry I took so long getting you these records – we’ve had our hands full with the twins! Yikes! no kidding the 968 had to go. Well as the father of twins myself – I sent him a note with a picture of my boys offering him a drive any time he needed.”

Shamus’s future 968 plans are “going back and forth about trading the 968 and the Cayenne for a Caymen or perhaps wait and do a used 997, then I take her out for a ride and its is first love all over. The Cayenne on the other hand WILL go…as soon as wifey’s three year moratorium on new cars is up. One more trip to the dealer and I may get early release.

Shamus has been a PCA member since 2003, when he purchased his 968. As for PCA activities, he has attended a couple museum tours but has yet to do a DE or autocross event but they are on his list. He did participate in “one day at the Glenn” and it was a day he will never forget.

We would like to thank Shamus for being our first 968 register featured owner. Please check back to the site to see new featured owners. Who knows, maybe someday it will be you!!!