PCA 968 Register eNewsletter: March 2012

Spring is here. I hope you had a nice winter but it is time to get the 968 out, washed, and make sure it is running well so you can enjoy it. With gas now at $4 a gallon isn’t it nice to know that your vehicle of choice is very easy to live with when it comes to fuel consumption!! One sure~fire way to enjoy your 968 is to participate in a PCA event and to that end, we’ve got a couple events coming up that I wanted to remind you about.

PCA Hershey swap: April 21st

The swap is being held on Saturday April 21st in the same location as previously used. For those of us that arrive early (Friday), a few of your fellow 968ers including myself will be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn (550 East Main St Hummelstown, PA, 17036, Tel: 717-566-9292) and invite you to stop by for a “968 Friday night Cruise night”. After your dinner come on over to look at 968s and enjoy a drink at their Hilton happy hour bar if you like. We’ll hang out outside and talk 968s. You’ll get to see my Speed Yellow coupe with the newly applied “mods”!!! We’ll start at 5:30pm and stay outside until the sun goes down and then we can move inside if you like. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a conference room for any Friday night presentations. Saturday you can join us at the swap. Gates open at 7:30 so get there whenever you want. Admission is $10 and you can park in the general parking area or for an addition $10, enter the concours and park in the concours area (which isn’t that far from the general parking area). Your choice. Then we’ll hang out at the swap, check out the cars and parts, socialize some more, and probably wrap up and say goodbye around 5pm. If you plan to join us let me know when (Friday, Saturday, or both) so we can watch out for you.

The link to the event is:  http://www.cpa-pca.org/swap/


Zone 1 Concours: May 18th/19th/20th.  Held in Brookline MA , this looks like a fun event. I’ll be there. Below is a link to all the details:



If you have event that you are attending and would like the other PCA 968 register members to know about let me know and I’ll include it in the next e-newsletter.

PCA 968 Register eNewsletter Featured 968


For this month’s eNewsletter featured 968 I have a wild one for you. Matter a fact, this is a 1 of 0 car for North America . Porsche never produced a single 968 in this signal green exterior color and only 1 coupe was produced with this rare interior, called Black Multicolor cloth. I think it looks pretty sharp although they offered an option to get the interior fabric added to the door panels which would look even better IMHO. This car is currently for sale in Japan but you’d have a difficult time getting it registered in the US . Still, a pretty cool looking 968.


I hope to see you at a PCA 968 event during 2012 and have a great driving season with your 968. I won’t be attending the 2012 Parade in Utah but let me know if you are and I’ll keep a list of the 968ers who plan to attend so you can look out for each other.