e-Newsletter – March 2014

PCA 968 Register E-Newsletter – March 2014
It’s been a long winter. I’ve visited my “in storage” 968s a few times between storms to give them a proper warm up and maybe a quick drive. It’s always great to peel away those car covers and be greeted by those bright colors and a reminder of the warm weather to come.  March continues to tease us with previews of spring which we know will be here eventually. In the meantime, it is time to think about our first event, the 2014 PCA Hershey swap. This is an annual event for many 968ers and this year is no different. If we have enough interest we can meet for dinner on Friday night at a pre-selected location. Let me know your plans. The swap starts early on Saturday April 19th. If you enter the concours show you get a little better parking. We’ll hope to have all the 968s together. I’ll have my speed yellow coupe with me this year. Let me know if you plan to join us and we’ll look for you. The link below has all the event details:
2014 Porsche Parade – Monterey CA
Anyone going to the Parade this year? If you would be interested in setting up a 968 event let me know and I’ll push the information to the registry members. Below is a link to the event website:
Get your 968 Club Sports here!!!!
Talk about rare occurrences. There are actually two 968 CSs for sale in the United states right now. That is very unusual since the model was never offered for sale here in North America. For those not familiar with the model, the idea behind it was “less is more”. Much of the standard equipment found on your 968 was deleted from the CS model to reduce weight and make it a better candidate for racing. The result was a reduction of around 220 pounds and definitely a vehicle with a performance attitude! The rear seat were removed, racing Recaro front seats were added (with cool hard seat backs in matching paint color) along with 17” wheels and a revised suspension. The M030 sport suspension and 220 limited slip differential were options but not standard. The two cars currently for sale look like great examples and have premium prices attached to them reflecting their rarity. Nice. I wish I had more room in the garage!
speed yellow 968
968 clubsport riviera blue
One of the last….
I received a new membership request from a new 968 owner recently. The new owner has an interesting 968. It is a 1995 and is Aventurine green in color but what makes it most interesting is the fact that it was one of the last North American 968s built. The VIN on the car is SS820301. The last NA 968 was SS820319 so that makes this car #2,216 of 2,234. It was produced in October of 1994, the last month of North American 968 production and a true 1995 (recall the most of the 1995 968 coupes and ALL of the 1995 cabs were originally 1994s and reVINed by Porsche to be 1995s). It got me to thinking and I asked the 928 guys over on Rennlist when the final 1995 NA 928 GTSs were made. An owner of one of them stated his car had a production date of March 1995 so it looks like the 928 held on for a little longer than the 968. Interesting stuff (to me anyway 🙂 ).
PCA 968 Register website update
Adam and I have been working hard on the new Website. It is coming along nicely and should be launched in a few months. Stay tuned for further updates.
Hope to see you at Hershey!
Jeff Coe
PCA 968 Register advocate
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