PCA 968 Register E-Newsletter – March 2013

Color to Sample 968s

Imagine yourself in the Porsche dealer back in 1994 looking at the new cars on the showroom floor and listening to the following conversation taking place nearby between a salesmen and his customer.
Customer: “So, I’ve decided, I want a new 968 cabriolet and I know just the color I want!”
Salesman: “That’s great, we’ll get that ordered up for you. So, what is the color you are looking for?”
Customer: “My wife has friend at work with a 911 and she just loves the color of the car so that’s the color we want. It is called Amazon Green!”
Salesman: “ Umm, well, there’s a small problem. That color was offered last year but it is not on the list of available colors for this year, sorry.
Customer:”What!!!! I’ve promised my wife! There must be something you can do. You know what they say, happy wife, happy life.
Salesman: “Well, there is one thing we could do. Porsche offers a program. It is called “Color to Sample” paint ordering and for a mere $2,500 I can order your 968 in Amazon Green. What do you say?
Customer:”Let’s do it!”
And of the 4,242 North American 968s produced between 1992 and 1995 the color to sample option was selected 18 times. For C2S metallic, it was paint code 99 (16 times). For C2S solid it was paint code 98 (2 times). Of the 18 C2S 968s I have located 5 of them and all 5 of those have been painted colors that were used by Porsche during previous model years so I’m guessing the scenario above could have actually played out a number of times. Another interesting fact, the only way you can tell what color a C2S 968 is painted is to read the little silver paint code sticker next to the fuse box. The paint code and name (in German) is listed there.
So, what are the 5 I’ve seen?
1)      93 coupe painted  the 92-only color Venetian blue metallic (photo below)
2)      93 coupe painted the 92-only color Tahoe blue metallic
3)      94 cab painted the 92-93 color Amazon green metallic
4)      94 cab painted the 93-only color Wimbledon green metallic
5)      95 coupe painted an older Porsche color, summer yellow
I’ve heard of a couple of the others but nothing confirmed yet. These are very cool and unique 968s because someone was willing to spend that extra $2,500 for the paint and wait the extra weeks while Porsche built this special car for them. Porsche still offers Color to sample today but the cost is closer to $5,000 now.   
1993 968 coupe in Color to Sample paint code 99/92-only Venetian Blue metallic


Car show season is upon us.
That’s right, spring arrives next week and along with Spring comes the opportunity to show off that great looking 968 of yours. Three events that I’m looking to attend are:
2013 PCA Swap at Hershey
Always a fun event with a number of 968s attending. This is a 1 day event held on Saturday April 20th. I’ll be there on Friday and staying at the Hilton Garden Inn. 
The link below will give you all the details.:
2013 PCA Zone 1 Concours
Held in Portsmouth New Hampshere this year on the weekend of May 18th. We are looking to have a small collection of speed yellow 968s attend as 2 of them  live nearby and I’ll be there as well for a total of at least 3. Portsmouth is on the water just north of Boston MA and should be a beautiful location.
The link below will give you moiré details:
2013 PCA Parade
Held in Traverse City MI during the last week of  June. This should be quite the event with many activities planned and a great drive.
If you are planning on attending any of the above let me know and we can arrange to meet. As always, if you are interested in promoting an event or an activity within an event just let me know and I’ll be sure to pass the word to the other 968 register members.
That’s it for now.  
Jeff Coe
PCA 968 Register advocate