e-Newsletter – March 2014

PCA 968 Register E-Newsletter – March 2014 It’s been a long winter. I’ve visited my “in storage” 968s a few times between storms to give them a proper warm up and maybe a quick drive. It’s always great to peel away those car covers and be greeted by those bright […]

e-Newsletter – January 2014

PCA 968 Register E-Newsletter – January 2014 Happy New Year!   There has been much excitement here at the PCA 968 register and that is because we have a new member of our team. Let me virtually introduce you to Adam Blauer. Adam lives in MA with his wife and […]

PCA 968 Register E-Newsletter – May 2013

Celebrity 968s   Whenever a production car has its run of being new it draws the attention of high profile individuals who are willing to pay the premium for having the latest offerings in the automotive world. Things were no different for the 968 during the early nineties and a few […]

PCA 968 Register E-Newsletter – March 2013

Color to Sample 968s   Imagine yourself in the Porsche dealer back in 1994 looking at the new cars on the showroom floor and listening to the following conversation taking place nearby between a salesmen and his customer.   Customer: “So, I’ve decided, I want a new 968 cabriolet and I […]

PCA 968 Register eNewsletter: November 2011

I saw it! What looked to be a newly designed 968!! As I got closer I went over the configuration… Front mounted high performance 4 cylinder engine, check… 6 speed manual transmission, check… Long hood, short deck, check, check… German designed 2 seat cabriolet, check… 4 wheel disc, airbags, ABS, […]