Jeff Coe

E-Newsletter – December 2019

I apologize for not getting another E-Newsletter to you earlier. I have been busy working on a special “changes” issue, highlighting the many changes to the 968 over the four years of production. That said, it is still not complete so I wanted to get something to you for the […]

E-Newsletter – November 2015

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!! We’ve been experiencing an influx of new registry members in the most recent weeks, in part due to an article in a recent issue of the Porsche E-brake online newsletter. I would like to take a minute to welcome all of those new members to the registry […]

e-Newsletter – June 2015

Another beautiful spring season is with us and summer is right around the corner. As always, I encourage you to get out there and enjoy your great and unique 968s. I’m always amazed at how often I’m approached at events by car enthusiasts who love the 968 and are not familiar with […]